Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where, oh where, will Hillary Clinton Democrats go?

The newest political trend story is hand-wringing over the so-called Hillary Democrats. Where will these poor ex-Reagan Democrats go in November?

Conventional wisdom says they can't go to Barack Obama, though no one seems eager to bring up race as the reason. Of course, Hillary herself said as much. Some polls have shown more than 30 percent will defect to John McCain.

Ooh, juicy. Only these polls are completely worthless at this stage of the game. After Michael Dukakis secured the 1988 Democratic nomination, polls showed him crushing George Bush The Elder. 'Nuf said.

As usual, the fight will be over independents and both Obama and McCain have their appeal. We'll see if McCain's love affair with Iraq or Rev. Jeremiah Wright hurt in the fall. For now, as the networks say on election night, it's too early to call.

One group worth talking about is the bitter white women who were the bedrock of Hillary's campaign - the ones who claim females who vote for Obama are anti-feminist ingrates and traitors. The ones who swear they'll never, ever vote for the guy who stole her job.

Three words, my sisters: Roe vs. Wade. You want John McCain to have control of your uterus? If you have any doubts, check out his speech this week on his judicial philosophy. Want more? He won't challenge the Republican Party platform, as he once advocated, to include exceptions to abortion for rape, incest and the mother's life.

Still anti-Obama, ladies? That's what I thought.

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